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Order Custom Decal

Order Custom Decal

Ordering Custom Piano Decals

We will manufacture one-of-a-kind decals to your specifications for any piano name. Decals are made in our own professional production department and orders can be for one or one thousand. Custom decals have pressure sensitive adhesive on the back, are very simple to apply and no clean up is required.

Decals can be made in a large variety of single colors including gold, black, white and metallized brass or silver. We also offer decals made from genuine 22 karat gold. If desired, you may finish over these decals as soon as they are applied.

Send us detailed information on the decal you require. If possible, mail, e-mail or fax a full size photocopy, photograph, digital photograph, tracing, or drawing of the decal. If you do not have any information about the decal size, just print the name, let us know the exact height and width, select a type style (see samples below) and send us the information.

Custom decals are sold by the square inch. Custom decals are single color only. We have over 8000 type styles in our database. Send a sample if you want something special.